Wilbert Kraan

Wilbert KraanI joined Cetis in 2002 as the Cetis Journalist. From there, I entered specification development work, starting with IMS Content Packaging 1.1.4, moving on to become the chair of the Content Packaging 1.2 group. That specification has recently been turned into the first ISO standard for educational content. I have worked with publishers on the utilisation of content standards.

I have also worked on software architectures, first in a partnership between JISC, the Australian Department of Education Science and Training, Surf foundation of the Netherlands and the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Later, I moved into Enterprise Architecture modelling, and was instrumental in introducing the ArchiMate Modelling language to the UK higher education sector.

More recently, I have championed the IMS Question and Test Interoperability 2.1 specification. As a co-chair of the IMS working group, I have worked with content publishers and software developers on maturing and profiling the specification.

I have also worked in the field of semantic technology. First as the technical lead on the development of the IEEE Resource Aggregation Model for Learning, Education and Training (RAMLET) standard, but also on a variety of educational data sets. I am currently working on a data integration and organisational analytics project.

I am currently an Assistant Director at Cetis.