Simon Grant

Simon GrantSimon is a founding Partner of Cetis LLP. He has had a long and varied career, much of it at the interface of people and technology. His PhD, from Strathclyde, was in cognitive science, spanning human-computer interaction and machine learning. He taught HCI and other subjects at City University, London, from 1991 to 1994. After a post-doctoral research position in Italy, he worked at Liverpool in Internet skills and e-commerce, and getting involved with Janet Strivens in the development of “LUSID”, an early web-based skills profiling system for Liverpool students, and a precursor to more recent e-portfolio tools.

This led to working with the Centre for Recording Achievement as an Information Systems Consultant, while they were providing the learner information and e-portfolio network for Cetis, from 2002. After mastering this work and leading the development of Leap2A, a standard for e-portfolio information portability, which was notably taken up by the co-developers, the Mahara open source portfolio team. In 2008 he came in house for Cetis while Cetis was based in Bolton and largely funded by Jisc.

While working from Bolton, he was involved in several European projects, and took a keen interest in the CEN Workshop on Learning Technologies, and later the CEN TC353. This was the perfect vantage point from which he was appointed, first, to be a member of a team developing “EuroLMAI”, which became EN 15981, a standard for learner information upon graduation, and then to lead a team of European experts in developing InLOC, a standard for representing structures of learning outcomes or competences. This broke through previous barriers, that had prevented previous teams from formulating an effective standard in this area. A particularly innovative part of InLOC is the treatment of levels of competence.

Simon has long had an interest in co-operative, consensus and non-hierarchical organisations and governance, and this fitted very well with playing a major collaborative role in setting up Cetis LLP, when the team was no longer required at Bolton. So now he is taking a belated interest in the minutiae of running a small co-operative partnership!