This page specifies the types of portfolio item or Atom entry.
The type value is represented with an rdf:type sub-element of atom:entry.

Different types are needed to guide receiving systems on what information is vital to the interpretation of the item, and how to process that information. These types have either been used, or their use clearly foreseen as appropriate and raising no problematic issues.

Types of item

If an item has no other type, it is treated simply as an entry, much like a blog entry.

All the following types can be degraded to entries, by appending to the content all information from fields not present in plain entries.

The type of item is represented by

<rdf:type rdf:resource="leap2:..." /> or <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://terms.leapspecs.org/..." />

Characteristics of any item


Literal or relationship




These Literals, relationships and categories can apply to any type, in addition to the ones specified for each particular type.

Use of CURIEs

To use CURIEs with Leap2A types, declare


in the opening element of the XML. Examples are given in place.

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