Many of the presentations from the conference will appear here over the next few days. Presentations from individual sessions are on the session pages.

Keynote Recordings on YouTube

Recordings of the talks by Phil Pichards, Audrey Watters, Paul Hollins and the Plenary feedback session are now available on the CetisUK YouTube Channel.

Blogs about the conference

Marieke Guy has written a fabulous post about the event: Cetis Conference 2014: Time to Unhide Open

Mark Johnson has blogged his thoughts in #cetis14: Granting permission to ask questions about education

Sheila MacNeill on Day 1: Cetis14 feeling a bit lost in the forest

Jenny Gray on ebooks

Phil Barker’s summary of the LRMI discussion:

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Li Yuan’s post about the Open Education, New World Order session:

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Brian Kelly on the Accessibility session:



 Tuesday 17th June
10.00  Reception Registration
10.30 Lecture Theatre Welcome: Professor George Holmes, Vice Chancellor, The University of Bolton
10.40 Lecture Theatre Introduction: Paul Hollins, Cetis Co-Director
Presentation: Introduction to Cetis14
11.20 Lecture Theatre Keynote 1: Phil Richards, Chief Innovation Officer, Jisc
Presentation: Innovating for the Digital Institution
12.30 D2-014 & D2-016 Lunch
13.30 Parallel Sessions
 D1-042 1 Developing a Learning Analytics Strategy for a HEI
 D1-046 2 LRMI: What on Earth Could Justify Another Attempt at Educational Metadata?
 D1-036 3 Open Education: A New World Order?
 D1-008 4 Open Knowledge: Wikipedia and Beyond
15.00 D2-014 & D2-016 Break
15.45 Parallel Sessions (contd.)
17.00 End of Day 1
19.00 Albert Halls Conference Dinner
Wednesday 18th June
9.15 Parallel Sessions
 D1-046 5 Web Services or Cloud, Open Source or Outsourced?
 D1-042 6 eBooks: The Learning Platform of the Future?
 D1-036 7 Open Education: From Open Practice to Open Policy
 D1-008 8 Building an Accessible Digital Institution
10.45 D2-014 & D2-016 Break
11.30 Parallel Sessions (contd)
12.45 D2-014 & D2-016 Lunch
13.45 Lecture Theatre Plenary
Presentation: Plenary slides
14.15 Lecture Theatre Keynote 2: Audrey Watters – Education and Technology Journalist

Presentation and blog post: Un-Fathom-able: The Hidden History of Ed-Tech #CETIS14


15.15 End of Conference