Open Education: from Open Practice to Open Policy

Facilitated by Lorna Campbell and Li Yuan

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Wednesday 18th 9:15

Room: D1-036


Lorna Campbell: From Open Practice to Open Policy

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Lorna Campbell



“Open education” now encompasses a wide range of approaches and practices; including OER, open courseware, open licences, open education declarations, MOOCs, Open Badges, open repositories and open access to scholarly works. The maturity and sustainability of these approaches varies greatly across education sectors and nations within the UK however in some sectors and institutions open education policy is starting to emerge from open education practice.

This session will focus on the emergence of open policy and practice across the UK and further afield, and will explore questions relating to the potential benefits of these developments. What, if any, is the value of open education policy? Do institutions need open education policies? Should government agencies play a role in the development of open education policy? Are there conflicts between commercial interests and market forces, and open education policy and practice? How can open education initiatives be nurtured and sustained? And what do we mean by “open education” anyway?!

Speakers in the session will include:

Paul Booth, Manchester Metropolitan University
Lorna M. Campbell, Cetis
Tore Hoel, NordicOER
David Kernohan, Jisc
Joe Wilson, Scottish Qualifications Authority
Paul Richardson, Jisc RSC Wales