eBooks: the learning platform of the future?

Facilitated by Phil Barker and Wilbert Kraan

Phil Barker photo  Wilbert Kraan photo

Wednesday 18th 9:15

Room: D1-042

Blog Post

Wilbert Kraan: http://blogs.cetis.ac.uk/wilbert/2014/06/24/when-does-a-book-become-a-web-platform/

In this workshop we shall discuss some of the desirable pedagogic features of an eTextBook with reference to how well they are supported by current and emerging eBook and educational technology standards, software and devices. These desirable features may be divided into those that are content-centric, those that relate to interactions with learning and social environments and those that relate to creation and distribution. Content-centric features are now fairly well exemplified by the interactive content that is available on platforms such as Apple’s iBooks. Less well known are ideas being developed and implemented through the EduPub workshops around embedding IMS QTI, LTI and calliper in EPUB books to allow assessment, access to learning services, reporting and analytics from the eBook itself. Finally the eBook is an aggregation format which allows content to pulled apart, rearranged, edited, substituted or augmented with third-party content to meet the needs of learners. We aim to show that the educational potential of these technologies goes well beyond simple content transmission and so a metaphor based on education may be more suitable than one based on publishing content.