Developing a Learning Analytics Strategy for a HEI

Facilitated by Adam Cooper and David Sherlock

Adam Cooper Cetis Director  david_small

Tuesday 17th 13:30

Room: D1-042

Blog Post

Adam Cooper:

Interest in Learning Analytics has moved from researchers to early adopters and the topic is now starting to invite a strategic response at institutional level. This workshop will explore what such a response might look like in a Higher Education Institution through: short presentations, open discussion, and group work. Workshop participants will design an institutional strategy and development plan for Learning Analytics in a hypothetical, but realistic, higher education setting. The intention is to be very practical and pragmatic, rather than idealistic or theoretical; it would not, for example, set out to devise a “maturity model” even though the workshop and any proposed development plans would surely have to grapple with the idea of maturity. Pragmatism should not, however, be understood to mean that ethical, cultural, epistemological, or pedagogical concerns will be brushed to one side; these are surely essential considerations for an effective strategy.

Participants in the session will be invited to contribute their views on important values, practicalities, and other considerations, either a simple list of critical questions or a reasoned argument, prior to the workshop. An outline of the hypothetical HEI will be prepared in advance by the workshop organisers and augmented as required during the session.

This session is being organised as part of the Learning Analytics Community Exchange project [] in association with partners Open University (UK) and Oslo and Akershus University College.

Further details of the workshop activities are available on the LACE site

and Adam’s blog outlines some starter issues for the session: